South Shore NJ Limo

We do not know where we are since the news is a little confusing that it is open and that it is not where you can go and where you cannot.

But this is what Phil Murphy Governor of the state of new jersey say

Murphy said, are recommended but not required.
“We are not ordering it but we highly recommend wash your hands and wear a face covering, particularly when social distancing is difficult to maintain, such as while waiting in line for a slice of boardwalk pizza,” he said.

The good thing is that this weekend the beaches open but hopefully will not be full, But for future you need to know that New Jersey South Shore is famous worldwide for its different beautiful beach towns towns that have something different to offer. Restaurants, Bars, Discotheques. Nightlife too.




If you don’t want to drive you already know who to contact, us of course, remember that we are a New Jersey limousine company, we have all kinds of limos to spend a wonderful night strolling along the beaches of new jersey,fine restaurant, bar hoppings,clubs we don’t just have limousines, sedans, vans SUV’s, Mercedes Benz, buses, etc, call us at 908-341-0298 for more information.

This is your summer, do not let it pass so this is your summer o remember and why not rent a limousine imagine yourself and your friends in a limo thinkĀ  about it.
Did you know that Atlantic city is in New Jersey if not well now you know it, there are also more bars, restaurants, nightclubs, a rather small but well-equipped airport, where you can also get there if you coming from far.
In short, New Jersey has 130 miles of coastline to enjoy this hot summer, we know that the situation is difficult but things are improving, look here we leave you a list of the best beaches in New Jersey. South Shore NJ

Enjoy your summer.