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New York City

New York City

New York City the city that never sleep

New york City probably not many people own a car due to not necessary  and expensive to have, there is a good transportation system and Partners Transportation Group is a rent a limousine and based very close to New York Citywe want to share with you something of New York for which you might not know. We always have reservations for clients to drop off or pick up in the city in our limousine New York, New York does not sleep so we are  limousine company in new york open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Maybe what we comment here will be very little since it is a very large city and a single blog page would not fill it, it would take several pages. All the season in the city of New York have their own beauty and is a destination to visit at any time of year, all over the neighborhoods there are always people (many people big city remember that) all the neighborhoods unique and all with their different flavors if we can say that.

The city is an Island The lower part is known as downtown and that’s where one of the largest stock exchanges in the world is name… Wall St, in addition to that there are all kinds of restaurants for all tastes and budgets, bars and beautiful places and you can always sit somewhere to admire their skyscrapers. One of its last buildings constructed is the Liberty tower(twin towers) there is a place of remembrance of September 11, 2001 attacks, in addition to an observatory on that tower.

We move now to Greenwich village here also many restaurants, bars, discos, luxury clothing stores is a neighborhood of very beautiful and very well maintained old buildings and very expensive indeed, well in general the city of new york is an extremely expensive city.

Without forgetting the high line that is a pedestrian crossing where trains used to pass and now they turned it into a walk, it is elevated and it is a mile and a half. It begins in the meat market district a new luxury neighborhood where there is a lot of everything, one climbs a stairs to get o the elevated path and walks through between buildings and you have  beautiful views of the hudson river and the whole city since it is elevated one has a very good view to appreciate the city, it can be very romantic if the sunset is beautiful and that walk ends in the hudson yard and also New neighborhood where there are restaurants, bars, coffee shops, expensive boutiques and luxury apartments. I already told you that New York is very expensive!

Then we went to midtown a financial area also many restaurants, We believe that new york is the city in the world where there are more restaurants there is fifth avenue with its exclusive and expensive clothing stores along with madison ave also this time square and the district of world famous theaters Broadway.

Of course we have to uptown that is divided into two parts westside where there are residential apartments and again many restaurants, clubs, bars, coffee shops, the eastside is very similar to the westside where there residential apartments and again many restaurants, clubs, bars, coffee shops and in the middle is central park is the lung of the city to provide oxygen to this big city, it is gigantic it even has a zoo.

And to finish our tour where the central park finish  begins Harlem that neighborhood has changed a lot even now it even Bill Clinton has some offices space there, in addition to being in that neighborhood the prestigious university of Columbia, we could tell you more but it would be many pages, If you want to know more leave us a comment we will gladly answer you. That walk we don’t think you can do it in one day several are needed, it is also very tiring, so why don’t hire us we do city tours in Mercedes Sprinters, buses or luxury limousines if your group is large also sedans and suv’s to make trips from point a to point b if the group It is smaller, just let us know your concern and we will give you a fair price for your needs.

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