Newark Airport / EWR

Did you know that Newark Airport will become a 21st century airport due to its new terminal that will be completed in 2022 It is estimated costs of 2.7 billion dollars for this to become a reality, what do you think?

A good measure¬† it has given relief to the other airports in the region since from a small airport in the ’80s to become what it is today and what It will be in the future it is amazing.

At the moment Newark airport works 24 hours a day, to go through security it takes an average of 23 minutes, so take your time when you do come to the airport sometime it could be berybusy, did you know that we can take you in our limo service, we have sedan,suv,luxury limousines,sprinter and buses? call us now at 908-341-0298 to find more.

Other revealing factors of the airport is that it has an airtrain that takes you through all the terminals to go through all the terminals¬† it does not take more than 8 minutes and that same airtrain can take you to the Penn Station in the city of Newark that’s about 15 minutes on the train from there you can go just anywhere by train.

Amazing to point out is that it is centrally located if Is not traffic to the city of New York it can take you 20 minutes now if is rush hour the ride will be about an hour and a half, is only 18.6 miles to the city, traffic is always when it is rush hour, if is another time and there is traffic most likely is due to an accident.

There you have it some small tips so that you have an idea about newark airport, from our part we do transport passengers in rent a limo you can go to our website and know more about us and if you do not find what you are looking for just call or Text us at 908-341-0298