What is the future to LaGuardia Airport

We will see what happens with Lagurdia airport with the covid19 hopefully the construction work does not stop.

The extensive remodeling began five years ago, but from what we see it will be worth the wait that is believed to be completed in 2022. Two years go by quickly.

For us as a limo service it has been kind of difficult because during rush hours it was very difficult to pick up the clients, all the pickups were outside, But thanks to all professional staff that work in our office it make it a smooth process.

At the moment we don’t know what going to happen in terms of pick ups at laguardia airport we will se what the NY port authority decide when things get back to normal, for limo rent companies and other service provider is unknown for now.

But we are ready now, just waiting for state official to let us do our work with our limousines at Laguardia Airport for when all this pandemic is over. We hope you will be a new client in the near future, we have all kinds of sedans, limousines, Mercedes Benz, Sprinters, large buses ready to serve you in the near future. We know we will be stronger by then.