We all know that New York is a big city and not friendly at times, but today we are going to show you the touristic part of New York and its most emblematic neighborhoods in our opinion, what better way to do it than in a limousine service NYC operated by a professional driver who knows what he does in his profession. 

We recommend a private limo tours to and from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or Staten Island as it is a very big city and if we do it by bus or train we could not do it for lack of time, but in a luxury limo with friends, we will move faster and with style. But now it comes the question, where would you like to go with NYC Limo? Here are the nine best New York city neighborhoods to live in.


1. Hell’s Kitchen

Photo by Flicker user: Maria Eklind

Do not be scared it’s just the name like that but it’s a working-class neighborhood (well no more since as everywhere else in New York is expensive). It was originally a neighborhood of German immigrants and there was a restaurant called Heil’s Kitchen and through misinterpretations, they changed to Hell’s Kitchen, many restaurants including this one very close to restaurant row on 46th street and of the world famous district of Broadway theaters where the best actors in the world give life to characters.


2. Flatiron District

Photo by Flicker user: Niko laT

Flatiron District is a new york neighborhood known for its architecture of cast iron antique buildings its maximum expression is at the corner of 23rd Street and Broadway where it has its most emblematic building in that area. There are many restaurants like Eataly a large building where they house different Italian restaurants to eat in or to go, also there are other restaurants like French, Mexican, Indian, etc, this neighborhood is very close to the Madison square garden.


3. Greenwich Village

Photo by Flicker user: traveling otter

Greenwich Village is another neighborhood of New York City that must be explored, is the home of the world-famous University of New York and the LGBT movement is a quiet neighborhood full of poets and bohemian people in addition to many restaurants of different origins and bars.


4. Noho Neighborhood

Photo by Facebook user: NOHO.BID

It’s another neighborhood in New York City. Noho means north of Houston Street, Houston Street is a main avenue and north would be toward downtown Manhattan, there are very expensive apartments, many cafes to sit and taste their concoctions in addition to bars and restaurants.


5. Soho

Photo by Facebook user: Jeffrey Zeldman

Soho, a luxury neighborhood in NYC where you can see famous singers or world-class actors walking like any other person, is known for its chic boutiques, its architecture has historical details especially pre-war buildings with high ceilings and a lot of space. There are cafes, restaurants and bars for the tastes of different palates.


6. Tribeca

Photo by Flicker user: Jeffrey Friedkin
Tribeca, is known worldwide for the Tribeca Film Festival where the owner is none other than Robert Deniro, who will you think he lives there. In addition that neighborhood holds many lofts buildings, it’s architecture is rich in an industrial type of buildings and steps away from beautiful views of the Hudson River and also a glympse of the state of New Jersey, in addition to restaurants, bars, cafes that are the best of the best.


7. Battery Park City

Photo by Facebook user: battery park city parks

unfortunately, the twin towers were located here in this neighborhood, but today with all it’s beauty is The Liberty Towers, there are museums of the tragedy and observatory of the city of New York as well as very high-cost apartments, you will find many executives because the largest companies in the world have offices in this neighborhood, also many restaurants of luxury, bars and cafes.


8. Nolita

Photo by Flicker user: Les Sans

Nolita, is where the Italian neighborhood of New York is located, you will find sidewalk cafes, chic bars and trendy restaurants, in addition to very expensive pre-war buildings, you will also find very modern unique people and people selling hand made jewelry and paintings on the streets.


9. The Financial District

Photo by Flicker user: Roby ikhsan

The Financial District, this is where Wall St is located and in addition to the American Stock Exchange where the largest movements of money in the world are transacted, you will see many very busy executives, but to relax you will find Restaurants where big businesses are closed. These restaurants, bars are of very high level.

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