What you need to know about JFK Airport

How many of you found yourself in an airport totally lost maybe tired of coming from another place, maybe with small children or old relatives, personally I found myself in a difficult situation in the last trip I made (abroad) Of course  I made a in advance reservation with a car rental agency even paid in advance to my surprise when I arrived along with 2 large suitcases, there was no car or reservation for me at the car rental.

At that time I did not know what to do, thank god I spoke the language imagine if I had not spoken the language  it even would have been worse, it was a nightmare since I had to wait about an hour for the car to be given to me by car rental agency after a 12-hour trip, Can you imagine? so here we want to give some ideas what to do in case you get stuck at JFK Airport.


Specs about JFK International Airport

JFK Airport sits uniquely in Jamaica Queens NY about 20 miles from Manhattan is not far but due to heavy traffic it could take you 2 hours at rush hours, if is no rush hour traffic about 1 hour is the 21th busiest airport in the world and 6th busiest airport in United States, It has 6 terminals.

Is a hub for 3 major airlines American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, The Original name was Idlewild Airport but after the assassination of John F Kennedy the 35th President of United State  it was renamed in honor of him. Yes there is even an hotel there that was a terminal for the defunct TWA Airlines, by terminal 5 is the TWA Hotel

How to move between terminals

The port authority does not encourage people to walk between the terminals one is because is huge, second there streets in between and an accident may happen while walking through, the best way is by the airtrain system it is free it operates 24/7 and it takes about 8 minutes to go through all the terminals.

How to go to Manhattan or Cities nearby from JFK Airport.

To leave John F Kennedy Airport and go to Manhattan you can take the airtrain that leaves you at the Jamaica Subway station and from there you can use the subway system to go to manhattan you can also do it by buses or taxis and limo for rent or black cars limousine, Limousine or taxis can take you to manhattan luxury limousine companies can also take you to other suburbs or states like New Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Connecticut, Westchester(new york state)and further if you want to.

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